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ASTRO AgroSystèmes TROpicaux

ASTRO se mobilise pour la 52ème édition des rencontres de la CFCS, qui se déroulent en Guadeloupe cette année

Parcelle à Godet
© @ ASTRO 2016
Engineering Ecological Modernization of Agriculture / Exploring the Potential of Tropical Biological Resources for Innovation / Towards a Bio-Economic Development of Caribbean Countries

Présentations orales :

  • Disease perception and management strategies by producers: example with anthracnose on water yams (Dioscorea alata) in Guadeloupe (L. Penet et al.)
  • The Tropical Plant Biological Resource Center of the French West Indies: serving agriculture and research throughout the Caribbean (C. Pavis et al.)
  • Varietal dynamics in Yam producers from Guadeloupe and impact of anthracnose disease (L. Penet et al.)
  • Production of electricity from energy cane in small tropical islands: an ex ante agro- environmental, economic and industrial analysis in Guadeloupe (J.-M. Blazy et al.)
  • How to foster mycorrhiza ? From brakes to levers (M. Chave et al.)
  • Agro ecological engineering and crop and livestock health. Case studies in the French West Indies (M. Chave et al.)
  • Factors affecting compost adoption in French West Indies (J. Paul et al.)
  • Composting and organic fertilization in Guadeloupe: conditions for the emergence of a waste recycling industry in agriculture (J. Paul et al)

Posters :

  • Never-ending yams in Guadeloupe (C. Dragyn et al.)
  • Assainissement des ignames du CRB (R.-M. Gomez et al.)
  • Improved diagnosis tools for the detection of yam virus in the sanitation process and unveil virus-free  accessions for producers’ exchange (R.-M. Gomez, S. Gélabale, D. Filloux, F. Gamiette, C. Pavis, M. Umber.)
  • Effect of exogenous matter on soil biodiversity and ecosystem services in tomato plantations (Coraline Moulin, Victor Vaillant, Philippe Julianus, Chantal Fléreau, Pascale Bade, Fred Burner , Gladys Loranger-Merciris)